Make your own La Petite Pouch

Here’s the link to get on your way to making your very own Petite pouch by Go to sew.
Sew your La Petite Pouch


The Bow-Jay version of La Petite Pouch by Go to Sew

So this morning I stumbled across a sewing tutorial in my email from go to patterns and my eyes caught on a tag about ‘la petite pouch’ pattern. One, I love to sew, two I love anything French so this was just perfect for me.

So not too long ago I underwent the process of sewing my own petite pouch. I started out well but got a bit befuddled around steps 4 and 5 because I thought the instruction there was ambiguous and I was doing something wrong. But I eventually just went with whatever I thought it was and in fact I was going just right.
My heart began to take tiny leaps of joy as my pouch started to take shape. I didn’t have the snaps that the original tutorial had but I glued on Velcro to my pouch. I’ll post 2 shots of my pouch so you can see how it looks. Drop me a line or two.


Front View of my La Petite Pouch